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Bringing Fans Together: A Creator’s Guide to Starting a Fan Club 

“Fans are the fuel that powers the engine of creativity.” Steven Spielberg

For many creators, starting a fan club has been one of the best ways to build an audience and connect with fans. Fan clubs give artists a chance to build a community that supports each other and does unique things together. Fan clubs are also a great way to earn extra income by selling digital and physical products directly to your fans. Not to mention, they’re fun! 


Family of devoted superfans watching their favorite creator together - FANCLB For Creators

Fan clubs have been around since the early days of popular culture, with some of the earliest being created in the 1950s. Many of the most popular stars and creators at the time owe a lot of their success to these fan clubs, which gave fans access to exclusive content, meet-and-greets, special events, and more.

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Why should creators start a fan club?

As a content creator, your fans are the lifeblood of everything you do. They’re the ones who tune in every week to watch your latest video or buy tickets to come see you live on tour. So it only makes sense that you want to connect with them as much as possible. But why stop at just connecting? Why not take it a step further and build an entire community around you and your brand? Having an official fan club gives you, as a creator, more opportunities than just having a public Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account. It will let you interact with your audience in ways that no other social media platform can: by sharing exclusive content and offering perks and rewards for participation. The list goes on!


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Fan clubs give you an opportunity to show off who you are as an artist while simultaneously giving back to those who support you most.

What is FANCLB?

FANCLB is a fan engagement and monetization platform for independent creators, influencers, musicians, artists, and athletes. FANCLB is the ultimate fan club where creators can create, curate, and connect with their biggest fans directly. They can offer VIP membership plans, live stream, launch NFTS, and social tokens, hold auctions and contests, and sell event tickets, branded merchandise, and a variety of digital content under their own brand.

How did it all start?

When we started FANCLB, we looked at the current setup and monetization methods for different types of creators. We came across all the challenges that you, as a creator, face. All the different scattered platforms, middlemen, and middle pages that use your work to make money and charge you extra to see analytics and information that should only be available to you.

We saw for ourselves the lack of engagement and how your fans miss out on announcements and exclusive content because they don’t know or hear about what you are doing on other platforms. So we started creating, with the goal of helping all independent artists grow their audiences and solidify their brands. We created FANCLB the best fan club platform for creators: a hub where they can put all of their content, social links, and other information about themselves in one place under their own brand.

Who can use FANCLB?

FANCLB is a home for many talents that touch fans’ lives with their original work. FANCLB is for anyone who creates original content: musicians, actors, artists, chefs, bloggers, business and life coaches, public speakers, fitness trainers, athletes—you name it.


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“All trailblazers, pioneers, and those who dare to dream are welcome here!”

What makes FANCLB the best fan club for creators

FANCLB provides creators with the freedom to pursue their passion and interact directly with their most devoted fans while making money without fear of being controlled or banned. You can present who you are, and sell your content directly, with no limitations. Unlike other platforms, we’ve got your back, and we really make you look good. We are not after the trophies; we are not another app or link in the bio middle page, and we are not trying to brand ourselves. So, as a creator, what other blockchain platform allows you to do all this in addition to the following:

  • Sell a wide variety of digital content: songs, albums, podcasts, master classes, videos, TV shows, and ebooks
  • Enable monthly memberships or subscriptions
  • Activate contests, auctions, donations, and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Accept bookings and fan requests
  • Offer exclusive content on demand and à la carte
  • Promote affiliate links and sponsors
  • Engage one-on-one with superfans
  • Community-based channels for your fans to interact together
  • Create, launch, and sell NFTs 
  • Live stream events and sell tickets
  • Create your own creator coin
  • Sell your own branded merchandise with both traditional e-commerce and video experiences
  • Connect your bank account and get paid directly from fans (we don’t touch your money)
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies, both fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Access to analytics and a full-fledged dashboard

Why “Create Your Own”

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Because at FANCLB, everything revolves around you. Check this out:

  • You have complete control and ownership over your content.
  • You can monetize multiple types of digital content
  • You can connect with your fans one-on-one,
  • You can upsell and cross-sell.
  • You can diversify your revenue streams 
  • You can grow both your fan base and your profit.
  • You can build an engaged community around you.
  • All while using your own brand 

It sounds too good to be true!

We are very transparent, and there are no fine prints or catches. There are no monthly fees or upfront investments. We believe in you, we partner with you, and we celebrate success together. By partnering with us, you can have a worry-free experience, knowing that there will be no hidden fees or costs. We even have an ongoing referral program, so you can earn passive income.

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Different Shades of FANCLB

Whether you are just beginning your creative journey or already have a large fan base, there is always a FANCLB to fit your needs and scale with you as you grow. You can start with a simple one-page and add your social media, embed your YouTube or Spotify content, or any other content, and whenever you are ready, you can add sections or even pages to showcase your skills and content. You can customize the colors of your FANCLB to match your brand identity or even experiment with various themes and colors until you find what really represents you.


If you love what you do and want to bring more people into your world, then starting your own FANCLB is the way to go. You’re not just engaging with your fans—you’re also getting them excited about being part of something bigger than themselves! You can do it at any level, from just one person all the way up to millions of members. The best part is that there’s no limit on how big or small your FANCLB can be. What are you waiting for? Start here and “Create Your Own