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Launch your FANCLB for Superfans to connect, engage & access premium content

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Superfan Access

Exclusive, Early Access, BTS, Premium Content

Membership Reimagined

Start A Membership Business & Earn A Recurring Income

Kickstart Your Private Community

Where you belong with your superfans

Share exclusive announcements and daily moments with all members at once

Create topic-focused groups where superfans can speak their minds

Choose who can communicate with you and which membership level can message each other


Livestreaming premium

Go live whenever you want, stream your exclusive events, or just say hi and check in with members.

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Ready To Create
Your Own FANCLB?


Everything Under Your Control

Decide what to share with your fans, when to share it, and how much to charge. With FANCLB you can stand out from the crowd and reap the benefits of your own hard work.

Say goodbye to restrictions and limited control over your content, data, and intellectual property.

Your Brand

Use your logo and brand colours

Your Payment

Collect money directly from fans

Your Domain

Link your own website or use your FANCLB domain

Your Data & IP

Keep your assets protected and secure

More Engaging Experiences
More Money

Power To the creators

Everything you need to scale your business

Create your own FANCLB and start earning!


Discover how FANCLB creators are using their brilliance, style, and creativity

Need a hand? We've got you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The only all-in-one platform you will ever need! “We Mean It”

FANCLB is a platform that empowers creators with all the needed tools to unlock new revenue streams. It is not a website, not another app & definitely not another links page. FANCLB is where you can showcase your work, sell memberships, merch and digital content, connect with fans, and grow your community.

All Creators, Influencers and Trailblazers that are ready to embrace web3 and the metaverse are welcome here!

FANCLB is for anyone who creates original content; musicians, actors, artists, chefs, business coaches, public speakers, fitness trainers, or bloggers…the list goes on.

Simply put, FANCLB is a home for talents that touch fans’ lives with their work and for those who dare to dream.

Your FANCLB is set up to accept both Fiat and Crypto payments.

¥€$ You can accept all methods of international currency that get deposited directly into your bank account as well as Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, and other major monies.

We get asked that question a lot! “I do create a lot of content whether music, photos, articles…etc. and my community are used to getting it for free… I am afraid if I start charging that I will lose a lot of followers and supporters.”

There is no magic formula, but we know for a fact that among your followers there is a percentage that you can count on as your hardcore superfans. These superfans are staying because they actually recognize the value in what you provide, they trust in you, and as a result, you need to connect, engage, reward, and establish a direct connection with them as well as provide them with extra special exclusive content.