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How To Use A Sales Funnel To Grow Your Fans

As a creator, it is essential to understand what a sales funnel is as well as its power to drive more revenue and ultimately increase conversions. All creators who use a sales funnel know how to target their audience more effectively and grow their fan base. Join us as we explain what a sales funnel is. We will also outline the steps of the sales funnel. Finally, we’ll show you how you can leverage this tool to grow your fan base and increase revenue.

What is a sales funnel, and why should all creators use it?

A sales funnel is a marketing tool. It guides your potential customers through the process of purchasing a product or service. There are several reasons why you, as a creator, should use a sales funnel. For example, the ability to target the right audience, measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, build a relationship with your audience, and increase conversions.

To use a sales funnel, you can follow these steps

  1. Awareness

This is the first stage of the funnel. This is where you aim to get your product or service in front of as many people as possible. 

Promoting your FANCLB link on social media is one of the best techniques. This step usually targets your audience, “the passersby.” Make sure you highlight your newest content to gauge their interest and also embed your YouTube and Spotify links so you don’t miss out on the viewership and monthly listeners that you need to maximize revenue from ads and sponsors.

2. Interest

Once you have raised awareness about yourself and what you offer, you need to generate interest. This step targets both audience and followers so using your FANCLB “lead magnets” works like a charm. You can launch contests and auctions, offer a request at a reduced price, or give free access to one of your exclusives for a limited time. Make sure you create a teaser and post frequently on your social media to drive traffic to your FANCLB campaigns.

3. Decision

At this stage, you need to clearly showcase the value of your offering and prompt them to take action. This step targets followers and superfans, so highlighting the exclusivity aspect of your FANCLB is crucial. Make sure you offer different tiers of membership levels and subscriptions to appeal to your superfans.

4. Retention

Now that your superfans have subscribed to your monthly membership and are enjoying the exclusive content, you need to make sure they stay happy and loyal. Therefore, your main objective in this phase is to focus on superfans. Mostly the ones that are ready to pay more for premium content and engagements. But also balance a healthy ratio of audience and followers. Remember that “Your audience and followers = future superfans”


Leveraging a powerful tool like a creator’s sales funnel can help creators target their audience more effectively and create tailored content and marketing messages for each stage of the funnel. Finally, by creating your own FANCLB, you will be able to engage and upsell various types of your digital products to convert your audience to followers, and followers to superfans, across the funnel in no time.