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It’s Time To Know Your Audience, Followers and Superfans!

“When you know your audience, your audience knows.”

As a creator, It’s important to remember that your success is due in large part to the dedicated groups of people who support your work. These groups—audiences, followers, and superfans—all have different motivations for engaging with you. Understanding the differences between audiences, followers, and superfans will help you create relevant content that resonates with each segment to maximize its potential value.

Is there really a difference between audiences, followers, and superfans?

Yes, there is a difference. Not all fans are alike. Each of these groups can play a unique role in the success of an artist or creator. While these fan groups can overlap, they generally represent different levels of engagement and dedication. Understanding their characteristics and motivations can help you create more meaningful connections and experiences.

Passionate fan cheering in a crowd
“When you know your audience, your audience knows.”


Audiences are casual viewers who come across your content but aren’t very familiar with you. They may not be really engaged and are frequently referred to as “passersby,” since they may hang out for a while but not for long. Giving audiences the right incentives might pique their interest and stimulate their curiosity, but it’s difficult to guarantee their loyalty due to their lack of commitment.


Followers are those who know who you are and choose to follow you. You can always rely on them since they tend to be more engaged. Followers are interested in what you offer and will often interact with you and your content on social media by liking, sharing, and commenting.


Superfans take things one step further! Their identities revolve around being associated with you. These are the die-hard fans who make fan art, like and share every single post about you, leave lengthy comments, and drive for hours to attend your events. They promote your work without being asked, devoting their time and energy. Superfans believe in you, trust your recommendations, and spread positive word-of-mouth by referring their family and friends to your content.

Now that you know the difference between audiences, followers, and superfans, your main objective as a creator should be to focus on retaining superfans who are ready to pay more for premium content and engagements. However, maintain a healthy audience-to-follower ratio and remember that “your current audience and followers = future superfans” if you approach them correctly.


Understanding the different groups of fans—audiences, followers, and superfans—is crucial for creators looking to grow their audience. Finally, FANCLB gives creators the tools they need to serve audiences and followers, but our true core value is providing superfans with the exclusivity they desire in exchange for ongoing, dependable, and consistent new income for the creator.