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Score BIG with LOYALTY


Where your fans become an ARMY of club AMBASSADORS, turning PASSION, into POINTS

Developing Fan Loyalty through

Incentivized Fan Behaviour

At FANCLB, our groundbreaking loyalty and membership program is meticulously engineered to enable professional sports teams to deepen fan passion, unlock new revenues, and drive fan attention and engagement where it’s needed the most.

Fans cheering at stadium—FANCLB Sports

Transform Every Cheer & Chant Into
Profitable Fan Experiences

Passionate Club Culture
Inspires Generational Loyalty

Passionate fans cheering for their team at stadium - FANCLB Sports

Drive Fan Behavior

Turn fans’ passion into points. Our system incentivizes engagement, transforming every interaction into a chance to earn and redeem.

New Revenue Streams

Elevate your financial play by introducing dynamic membership tiers with a unique blend of benefits and loyalty point opportunities.

Fans passionately cheering for their team - FANCLB Sports
Group of young people with multicoloured t-shirts cheering at stadium - FANCLB Sports

Cultivate Generational Loyalty

We're in it for the long haul. Our approach fosters a community culture, rewarding and recognizing your most engaged fans for their unwavering support and participation.

Revenue Forecast Calculator

Project and understand the potential financial and engagement outcomes of your customized loyalty program. Estimate, plan, and strategize for optimum results.

Social Media Followers
Loyalty Program Members
Recurring New Revenue
Our Game Plan

It's No Ordinary Membership Program;
This Is Your Legacy In The Making

Partnership Model

Step into the arena without financial burdens. We’re in this together, with no upfront investment required from your side.

Turn-Key Operations

We provide a full-service solution. From strategy & execution to content creation & production, we curate your fan experience and launch your tailored Loyalty-Membership program swiftly and effectively.

Joint Victory

Our success is interlinked. We aim for a win-win scenario where your increased fan engagement and loyalty translate into measurable triumphs.

All We Need From You?

Access to your fan base. We'll transform casual fans into dedicated members and convert their attention into unwavering loyalty.

Amplify Your Fanbase

detailed analytics on fan engagement and content performance - FANCLB For Networks
Elevate Your Game in

Fan Engagement and Revenue Generation

Keep fans on the edge of their seats with engaging challenges and quests, making every interaction with your team a rewarding experience.


Unleash a marketing revolution. Fans earn loyalty points through interactive and engaging quests, turning them into promoters of your brand.

Micro Loyalty Programs

Time-capped loyalty programs synced with your sporting seasons. Points are earned and must be spent within the season, creating an exhilarating sense of urgency and reward.

Customization & Branding

Match your team’s unique brand and fan spirit, ensuring fans feel right at home.

Data Driven Insights

Navigate the fan landscape with precision. Our analytics offer deep insights into fan behaviors and preferences, enabling you to tailor experiences and maximize engagement.

Time for professional Sports teams to


Tackling questions & common queries

Frequently Asked Questions

FANCLB’s Loyalty & Membership Program is a unique platform that transforms fans into active club ambassadors. By participating, fans can turn their passion into points, contributing to the club’s culture and revenue.

IFB rewards fans for engaging with the club. Activities such as attending games, purchasing merchandise, or participating in social media challenges earn fans points, which can be redeemed for exclusive benefits and experiences.

The Revenue Forecast Calculator is a tool that helps project and understand the potential financial and engagement outcomes of your customized loyalty program. It assists in estimating, planning, and strategizing for optimal results.

Quests are engaging challenges and activities that fans can participate in to earn loyalty points. These quests are designed to be fun and interactive, enhancing the fan experience and engagement.

Unlike traditional methods, FANCLB focuses on active fan participation and creating a sense of community. It leverages gamification and data analytics to elevate fan engagement to a new level.