FAQs For Fanclb Creators!

1. What is Fanclb?

The only all-in-one platform you will ever need! “We Mean It” Fanclb is a platform that empowers creators with all the needed tools to unlock new revenue streams. It is not a website, not another app & definitely not another links page. Fanclb is where you can connect directly with fans, sell memberships, add exclusive content, and showcase all your work.

2. Who is Fanclb for?

All Creators, Influencers and Trailblazers that are ready to embrace web3 and the metaverse are welcome here. Fanclb is for anyone who creates original content; musicians, actors, artists, chefs, business coaches, public speakers, fitness trainers, or bloggers...the list goes on.
Simply put, Fanclb is a home for talents that touch fans’ lives with their work and for those who dare to dream.

3. What features does Fanclb offer?

Fanclb will empower you to take your fans to the next level! Here is our growing list of what you can do on your Fanclb:
- Fanclb is built on blockchain, You can mint, and launch your coins and NFTs.
- Variety of Lockable content: videos, songs, albums, podcasts, tv shows, e-books, photos, courses,…etc. You have control to allow access based on rent or purchase terms
- Add your logo and brand
- Connect all the links that host your content, website, brand affiliates and promo codes
- Embed all your links
- Memberships & Subscriptions
- Bookings & Fan Requests
- Launch contests, auctions
- Create Donation campaigns for causes that you and your fans are passionate about
- Events & Livestreams
- Merch Store: bring your own products or select from from product catalogue of other integrated partners.
- Custom emails: system-generated emails for every transaction and interaction between you and your fans. All emails have your logo, signed by you
- Accept Crypto payments

4. What is the difference between Fanclb and my website?

Fanclb provides creators with channels and tools to become truly independent, without disrupting any of their existing setups. Websites are used to display a lot of information but really no interactions or engagement. Your Fanclb is complementary to your website, a lot of our creators use the Fanclb to take control of their direct monetization while others see that there is no need to have a website at all!! You can embed the link to your website as well as any other URL that carries your content and merch.

5. What is the difference between Fanclb and link in bio websites?

We believe in simplicity and direct connections. There is no need to create another middle page to consolidate your external links so you can redirect your fans to other platforms. most of these link pages make their money by capturing your users data then offering these analytics to you for a charge.. With Fanclb you become the platform. Everything you do, every link you have is displayed, you can embed links, or engage directly with your fans. You can add new, delete and replace old links at no extra cost, in fact, you can grow your Fanclb from one simple page to a mighty engagement hub!

6. What's the difference between Fanclb & Patreon?

Patreon focuses only on content creators that would like to offer a subscription service. Fanclb is way more than that, you can offer memberships, sell event tickets, live stream events, sell merchandise, accept requests, offer exclusive content, link your existing sites, embed your YouTube and Spotify… We can go on for days... But if you want a complete list, check out our feature list, click here and see for yourself a Fanclb in action, or better yet," Create Your Own!"

7. What's the difference between Fanclb and OnlyFans?

OnlyFans offers censored content for monthly subscribers and mainly focuses on adult entertainment. Fanclb is for Independent creators. We work with musicians, artists, chefs, bloggers, actors, and all ambitious influencers that dare to dream to rule the world with their content.

8. Who owns my content?

You and only you! You have control over all your content, pricing and everything in between.

9. Who has access to my fans and their data?

Only You! We know how hard you work on building your fan community and we want to help you connect and interact directly, for example, all communications are configured to automatically come from you .. oh ya! we have custom emails that get sent to your fans on your behalf.

10. What forms of payments can I accept on Fanclb?

Your Fanclb is set up to accept both Fiat and Crypto payments ¥€$ you can accept all methods of international currency that get deposited directly into your bank account as well as Bitcoin, Ether, Solana and other major monies.

11. How do I get paid on Fanclb?

We don’t touch your money! You add your payment processor* and link it directly to your bank account. Money from all transactions on your Fanclb comes directly to you and we send you an invoice at the end of every month.

For Crypto payments you have 2 options:
- If you are crypto savvy, you can link your wallet and accept crypto directly into your wallet
- If you prefer not to deal with crypto, we are integrated with major crypto exchanges. we take the crypto, sell it on the spot with the market price at the transaction time, and deposit the money to your bank account the next day.

*if you don’t have a payment processor, we can help you set it up at no additional cost.

12. How do I know if my fans are willing to pay for my content?

We get asked that question a lot! “I do create a lot of content whether music, photos, articles.. Etc. and my community are used to getting it for free… I am afraid if I start charging that I will lose a lot of followers and supporters.”
There is no magic formula, but we know for a fact that among your followers there is a percentage that you can count on as your hardcore super fans. These super fans are staying because they actually recognize the value in what you provide, they trust in you, and as a result, you need to connect, engage, and establish a direct connection with them as well as provide them with extra special exclusive content.

13. Why create my own coin?

Your coin/ digital currency is a great step to power up your community and build your economy.. Sounds like we are flaunting big words.. in layman's terms, you typically create content, you attract fans so now you have a community. While it’s rude to answer a question with another question… (we will answer with 2 though :)
- why not do all that with your own coin and have the power to incentivize your community and reward loyal fans that support you and reap the rewards together?
- why not use your coin to offer products, programs, and services that will keep your community engaged and attract even more fans?!