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How Creators Connect Printful To FANCLB

What is Printful?

Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. Printful is an excellent option for creators who want to sell their own branded merch without worrying about inventory, shipping, and logistics.

Why connect Printful to your Fanclb?

In order to view the Printful catalog on the Fanclb dashboard and start designing and selling your merch directly from your Fanclb, you need to have a Printful account.

Steps For Creators To Connect Their Printful Account To FANCLB

Once you’ve made a Printful account and added your credit card, you’ll need to make an API key and add it to your FANCLB. Here is how:

  1. Go to
  2. use your Printful logins
  3. under Private Token, click on “Create a token”
step 3 - click on create token
  1. Fill in the Token name (ex: Fanclb Printful), add your email, and set an expiration date for your token

**P.S. Please note that your token will expire at the date you set and you will need to regenerate another token and reconnect to your FANCLB

step 4 - fill in token details
  1. In the Access level section, select “A single store” and select your store from the drop-down menu
step 5 - select access level
  1. In the “Scopes” section, please check all the boxes
  2. click on the blue “Create new token”
step 6 - add scopes
  1. Click on the icon to copy the new access key
step 8 - copy access key
  1. Go to your FANCLB dashboard and log in with your admin credentials
  2. From the menu on the left click on “Settings” then go to “Integration”
step 10 - go to dashboard
  1. Go to the “Merchandise” section, Choose Printful and click on the “Add Your Printful API Key” field
step 11 - paste your Printful access key
  1. Paste the API Key that you copied from step 8 and click “Save”

You are all set! Now you can go to the Merchandise tab, and once you click on “Add New,” you will be able to see the Printful catalogue and start designing your own merch.