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Home for the Devoted Fans who never gave up on you,
the Lucky People who saw you perform for the first time,
the Diehards who have been following your every move.

Unleash The Symphony Of Exclusivity
For Your Members

Cover of a music album with a lock to indicate exclusivity - FANCLB For Creators
Superfan Access

Backstage Passes To BTS & Rehearsals

Membership Reimagined

Early Access & Sneak Peeks To The Latest Music Releases

Transform Every Note, Every Beat, & Every Lyric Into A Magical Power

Superfan Access

Tickets Pre-sales & Discounts

Membership Reimagined

Exclusive Merchandise & Special Perks

Elevate Your music Carrer

Where Your Talent Takes Center Stage & Your Fame Reaches New Heights

Amplify Your Success

Create a hub and show case all your music

Connect Deeper

Grow your fanbase and stay in touch

Stake Your Claim

Everything under your name and brand

Boost Your Revenue

Turn your name into fortune

Private Community For Unlimited Bragging Rights

Engage in meaningful conversations, gather feedback, and gain valuable insights from superfans who are eager to support your musical journey.


Electrifying Live Streams

Take the stage from anywhere in the world and perform your heart out. Host exclusive live streams and connect with superfans in real-time.

Random Acts Of Gigness

Give Your Superfans The Option To Book You For Special Occasions


Grant Superfans Wishes

Remember all those times fans asked you to sing their favorite songs?

Accept song requests and cover suggestions directly from your superfans

Transform Your Music Dreams Into Reality

Get support from believers, family and friends

Launch captivating contests, thrilling auctions and much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring your music on your FANCLB is a great way to engage with your fans and provide them with exclusive content. The sky is the limit here, really, but here are some suggestions that worked magic with our artists.

Add Tracks and Albums:
You can create a section or even a full page and embed your tracks and albums from different streaming platforms into your FANCLB. Examples include Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. The whole idea is to consolidate all your music in one place so your superfans can listen to your songs right on your own platform.

Exclusive Releases:
Offer exclusive releases to your FANCLB members. You can prelaunch your first single, debut track, EPs, or greatest hits album exclusively for your superfans. This makes superfans feel like they are part of something special and encourages them to join your FANCLB

Direct Sales:
Give your fans the option to purchase your music and enjoy it directly through your FANCLB. You can sell individual tracks, albums, or bundles. Offering special deals or discounts to FANCLB members can be a great way to reward your believers and superfans.

Previews and Teasers:
Give sneak peeks and teasers of new songs and projects that are coming out. You can even create a fundraising campaign and get your fans to support you. This will get your FANCLB members and superfans excited and looking forward to your success.

Interactive Content:
Make your music-related content interactive. You can hold live Q&A sessions about your music, share behind-the-scenes stories, or conduct polls to involve your superfans in the decision-making process for your music. Listen to what your members have to say. They can tell you what they like and what they’d like to see more of.

Don’t be afraid to try new things there is no wrong or right. You can use a mix of these ideas to keep your FANCLB interesting and dynamic and remember that the most important thing for a FANCLB is to give your fans the gift of exclusivity, make them feel valued and involved. Your music is what makes you unique, so use it to connect with your superfans even more.

Zero, Nil, Nought, Nada! There are no setup fees or monthly commitments. We only make money when you make money. Our fees are 10 percent, and it goes down with volume.

FANCLB is home to so many aspiring artists, established musicians, and everything in between. 

Whether you are a singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, solo artist, a dynamic band, or a skilled DJ, you can create your own FANCLB, and we would love to help.

For sure! We believe in giving musicians and artists the freedom and tools to become truly independent. You can use your own domain, your own payments, and fully own your content and fan data.

Our team will be thrilled to create your FANCLB and will definitely help you manage it. Our interfaces are extremely simple; there is no technical knowledge required, and we are always available to help and provide support every step of the way.

Yes, we have a partnership program for record labels. You can easily launch and manage your artists’ FANCLBs from a single dashboard.