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Transparent Pricing
Without Limitations

We believe in giving you the freedom to grow your membership business without limitations

Transparent Pricing

No Upfront Fees
No Monthly Commitments

With FANCLB, you get unlimited access to essential features and resources to help you succeed.

Transaction Fees

From Income Generated On FANCLB

Unlimited Features, unlimited storage

Unlimited Content, Products,  

Unlimited Sites & Domains

Get Started
More than just a pretty platform

Business Advise & Strategy

We are here to provide you with personalized business strategy, advice, and tips to help you grow your membership business.

01. Dedicated Account Manager
02.Business Strategy
03.24/7 Live Human Support


FANCLB is committed to supporting your creative journey and membership business growth with transparent pricing and unlimited resources.

Here is a breakdown of our fee structure:

Digital Products and Experiences
Our fees start at 10%
As your sales volume increases, your fees decrease to only 5%

Physical Products
A flat 2% fee is charged for merch and physical products sold using our platform

Support your non-profits and charitable causes by raising funds with only a 2% transaction fee

At FANCLB, we believe in transparency and simplicity. That’s why we’re proud to say that we have no limitations on any of our features, We’re here to support you, not restrict you or hold you back.

Our commitment is to provide a platform that empowers creators like you without any unnecessary complexities or hidden charges. So no, we do not spring any unexpected costs on our creators and yes, you can trust that the pricing you see is the pricing you get and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

No, there is no minimum subscription or commitment period on FANCLB.

At FANCLB, we are all about giving creators like you the utmost flexibility! There are no minimum subscription durations or commitment periods required. Feel free to use our platform as long as it matches your creative goals and needs!

Whether you decide to use FANCLB for a short period of time or as a long-term solution, you have the freedom to choose what suits you best. We’re here to cheer you on as you embark on your creative journey, with no obligations or strings attached.

If you have any more questions or need help with anything related to using FANCLB, feel free to contact our friendly support team. We’re here to assist you! We’re here to ensure that your experience on FANCLB is as smooth and hassle-free as possible!

FANCLB believes in empowering creators with choices. All our creators found a home at FANCLB but If you ever choose to stop using our platform, we understand, and here’s what you can expect:

Ease of Transition:

We understand that your circumstances may change, and we respect your decision. Transitioning away from FANCLB is a straightforward process. You can simply request to deactivate your account by contacting our support team.

Content Ownership:

Your content remains yours. We do not claim ownership of your content, and you can retain your intellectual property rights even after you leave FANCLB.

Fan Data:

You will have access to your fans data up until the point of deactivation. We recommend downloading any important data or contact information you may need in the future.

Termination of Fees:

FANCLB’s pricing is flexible, with no upfront or monthly commitments. You will not incur any additional charges once your account is deactivated.

We’re here to support you throughout your journey, whether you decide to stay with Fanclb or explore other opportunities.

If you have any questions or need assistance during this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. Your creative journey is in your hands, and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible.

At any point in time, you can stop using your FANCLB with no obligations.

If you need to deactivate your account here is how to initiate the deactivation process:

1. Export Your Data

Before deactivating your FANCLB account, make sure to export all your data and content, including your fan list. This ensures you have a copy of your valuable information for future reference.

2. Send an Email

To initiate the account deactivation process, send an email to our dedicated support team at In your email, please include your FANCLB link, username, and a brief reason for the account deactivation.

3. Verification & Confirmation

Once we receive your email, our support team will review your request and verify the details. You will receive a confirmation email when your account deactivation is approved.

4. Account Deactivation

After confirmation, your FANCLB account will be deactivated. You will no longer have access to your account, and your content will no longer be visible on the platform.

Our support team is always here to assist you throughout this transition. If you have any questions or need further assistance with the account deactivation process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Absolutely! FANCLB is happy to provide special pricing options for non-profit organizations.

At FANCLB, we truly appreciate the amazing work done by non-profit organizations and are eager to help support their fundraising endeavors. We’re here to help non-profits reach their goals! When you use our platform for your donation campaign, we offer a friendly, reduced transaction fee of only 2%.

We’re excited to offer this special pricing as our way of supporting the meaningful work that non-profit organizations do. Our goal is to help you effortlessly raise funds and support your causes. If you’re part of a non-profit organization and would like to benefit from the reduced fee, please reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to help you set up your FANCLB account as a nonprofit account.

We are dedicated to supporting non-profits on our platform and are here to help you at every stage. We’re excited to be here for you and support your cause! Let’s work together to reach your fundraising goals.